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About Kahhak Eatery

“We speak Dumpling; You hear Dumpling”.

Kahhak Eatery aims to offer diverse range of dumplings from across the globe, steamed to pan-fried, for their celebratory significance in our contemporary society with a vision to deliver its patrons an unparalleled experience of consistency and quality. Indulge in your humble love for dumplings at rational prices to experience a journey of flavours worldwide.

Our Brand

The Kahhak promise is the integral backbone to all our operations assuring our patrons of the quality they expect and deserve.

We, at Kahhak, align to the goals through 4 Core P Values depicted in the four colours of Our Monogram where Red signifies Passion, Yellow for Perception, Green for Proliferation and Blue for Placidity.

From the Founder's Desk

Travels across the globe have been his inspiration to bring in world-class experience in this industry presenting impeccable art through various deliverables.

Adipta Majumder

Founder & Chairperson, Kahhak Industries

Why Choose Us

Fresh & Impeccable Quality Our foods are made using the best ingredients and are always guaranteed to be fresh.
Real Ingredients The freshest and most authentic-tasting dumplings are made by us using only real ingredients.
Across the globe Ever wonder how different dumplings taste around the world? Stop searching and try our dumplings.

Our Chief Culinary Officer and Director

Our dumplings draw innovativeness from globally-sourced integrants and piquant spices resulting in exquisite sapid flavours.

Chef Krishan Kumar

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